Equal Pay for Equal Work

 Equal Pay for Equal Work should be a reality for Iowa Women. With women being the sole, primary or co-breadwinners in  72% of Iowa households that change must come now!


Minimum Wage

 Currently, Iowa minimum wage is $7.25 hourly. 

No Iowan should work full time and live in poverty. Studies show that increasing minimum wage also stimulates job growth. I will fight to raise Iowa's  minimum wage. 


  I support legislative change to Iowa’s  unemployment law that would allow more Iowans who are unemployed through no fault of their own to receive benefits. 

Crime Prevention

 In 2018, I requested the drafting of legislation  concerning a Domestic Violence Lethality Screening process used to identify high risk domestic violence cases and prevent intimate partner homicides in Iowa. 

Safer Communities

 Since 2012, I have been working to toughen Iowa laws concerning violent habitual offenders to keep our communities safe from additional acts of harm. Additionally, it is imperative that we provide the correct rehabilitative programming for this specialized group of offenders.

Crime Victims' Rights

I believe victims should be recognized and have equal protections. Crime victims deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Part of treating any victim with respect is providing them with the information they need to stay safe. The time has come for Iowa to take the next step and secure victims’ rights permanently in our state constitution.